Festival Minor

by Ben Nardolilli Dust rises off the floor, I call it a partner, Sure it has callous bad timing,  And it gets into the lungs,  But am I any better? I’m a particle Sucked into the city, Pulled through the galleries of Manhattan And the avenues of Brooklyn Where I leave behind a trail of…

By Blue Tiger November 9, 2019 0

Three Poems

by Selfa A. ChewTranslated by Toshiya KameiYou no longer live,nor will you sprout in mebecause I barely surviveyour death’s absolute signatureand very soon, Julio,we’ll feel love is the most useless friend;it takes more than a shout to rescue your memory.For now we could keep lookingthe place where they left your last smile,there are still forty-three teachers,forty-three…

By Blue Tiger November 3, 2019 0

Facing the Buddha

By Beaton Galafa Hangzhou was my first city to visit since I arrived in Zhejiang in mid-September, spending all my days within Jinhua. I had missed a trip to Yiwu earlier out of paranoia. They had mentioned big companies and industries, and I abhor feeding egos of governments that want to parade civilization in front of…

By Blue Tiger November 3, 2019 0