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Facing the Buddha

By Beaton Galafa Hangzhou was my first city to visit since I arrived in Zhejiang in mid-September, spending all my days within Jinhua. I had missed a trip to Yiwu earlier out of paranoia. They had mentioned big companies and industries, and I abhor feeding egos of governments that want to parade civilization in front of…

By Blue Tiger November 3, 2019 0

The Sound of the Sea

by Danton Remoto “This is the last time you’ll see the sea in our country,” his father told Cody as they walked on the milky-white sand in Bacacay. Cody noticed the sand grains beginning to cling to his toes.                 He looked up. The sun was already high above the coconut trees. His ears were…

By Blue Tiger November 3, 2019 0