JI Academic Writing Competition 2018-2019

After close consideration by a panel of judges of both faculty and senior peers, the University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute has selected winners of its first annual writing contest, sponsored by the JI Writing Center.
The winning essays in 2018-2019 come from JI’s Academic Writing courses and showcase students’ wide-ranging explorations: they inquire into the features of literary and visual genres, question the internal coherence of ancient texts, and consider the connections between language, technology, and cognitive development.

Vy100 Winners

Ma Ziqiao demonstrates how point of view affects detective literature in his essay “Think Hard Like Holmes.” Check it out.

Chen Zhiyang looks at World War II propaganda posters and analyzes their rhetorical appeals in his essay, “War Posters in the Home Front United the US.” Check it out.

Vy200 Winners

Huang Mingjun looks at the history of artificial intelligence and its interaction with language in “Desire for Power of Artificial Intelligence.” Check it out.

Ying Jiaxin explores the nature of bilingual education in the  essay “Why Choose to Raise Bilingual Children.” Check it out.

Zhang Sheng’an discusses Zhuangzi and the elimination of apparent contradictions in the essay “Would Zhuangzi Agree with Himself?” Check it out.