Festival Minor

by Ben Nardolilli Dust rises off the floor, I call it a partner, Sure it has callous bad timing,  And it gets into the lungs,  But am I any better? I’m a particle Sucked into the city, Pulled through the galleries of Manhattan And the avenues of Brooklyn Where I leave behind a trail of…

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Three Poems

by Selfa A. ChewTranslated by Toshiya KameiYou no longer live,nor will you sprout in mebecause I barely surviveyour death’s absolute signatureand very soon, Julio,we’ll feel love is the most useless friend;it takes more than a shout to rescue your memory.For now we could keep lookingthe place where they left your last smile,there are still forty-three teachers,forty-three…

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He Never Dies

by Wang Xu It was two o’clock in the morning.  Robert woke up from a nightmare with a huge ache in his belly. He knew it was the cancer.              Keeping silent for a moment, he switched on the bedside light. Robert walked towards the window, drew back the curtain, and looked up at the night…

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by: Phylis Warady    In the first dawn when the ocean receded and life evolved, the road was but a path trod upon by gentle Maidu Indians who gathered acorns. Their culture comprised of basket weavers and boatmen, apexed and ebbed, giving away gradually to the Spanish.      Harsh Santana’s rippled sand, obscuring the path from coarse-cloaked…

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Three New Poems

by: Tom Veber This is not a poem! This is not a poem,merely a random string of letters and words of a stubborn personality. A vehement penetration of self-sufficiency.Several breaths of emotions filtered through the sieve of acceptability.  This is not a poem,for these are not my thoughts and my words.I do not exist without you,my…

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by Alina Levytska Alina is a Ukrainian artist and poet living in Shanghai. She is known as winner of the first Shanghai Art Battle from Madness. Her main feature as an artist is working fast but efficient. Alina started as a self taught oil painter. For the last 5 years she expanded her skills into…

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by Marzia Rahman Translated by Md Mujib Ullah Doing such a lengthy calculation  You thoroughly told in conclusion, ‘’The answer is nothing.’’ Showing a bit dry smile I tell with deep trouble, ‘’This is merely fiddling.’’ 

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Young Penelope

by Toti O’Brien      She liked carrying her supper outdoors, she said, far from the house, past the gardens and orchards. Sneaking through the kitchen door, her palm held over the bowl like a lid, a spoon—loose into her apron pocket—drumming against her thigh, she hastened her pace gradually yet decisively. For no reason, fleeing nothing,…

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Dear Moonlight

by Jialin He Dear Moonlight, No one in this world other than you should be able to read this letter. I’m using English instead of Mandarin to ensure this, so bear with me. You always asked what I experienced before you saved my life. I gave you thousands of answers, but none satisfied you. I apologize…

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